Zambia’s Creative Renaissance: National Arts Council Teams Up with Mutale Mwanza for an Epic 2023 Ngoma Awards Content Creator Showdown

Zambia’s National Arts Council has ignited a thrilling collaboration with the dynamic media sensation, Mutale Mwanza, to launch a groundbreaking contest exclusively designed for content creators and influencers at the upcoming 2023 Ngoma Awards.

Mutale Mwanza, the reigning queen of social media influence in Zambia, recognized for her exceptional following, envisions this competition as an unparalleled opportunity not just to honor the tireless dedication of content creators and influencers but also to kindle their passion for artistic expression.

In a first-of-its-kind contest, influencers and content creators will be tasked with crafting the most ingenious and captivating content to celebrate the Ngoma Awards. The council’s objective is clear: ignite creativity, spark engagement, and fuel the motivation of influencers.

In a world where content creators and influencers have become the driving forces behind entertainment, information, and education, this contest serves as a catalyst for innovation. It empowers creators to influence trends, ignite crucial conversations, and shed light on matters of community interest.

By participating in this contest, content creators have the chance to seize the spotlight and win not only a handsome cash prize but also fabulous rewards. It’s time to let your creativity flow and make your mark at the Ngoma Awards 2023!

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