Mutale Mwanza Demands Huge Chunks Of Money From Client Over A Wig

Popular TV & Radio Personality, Producer and Entrepreneur Mutale Mwanza is demanding K2 million in defamation damages from a Lusaka businesswoman who accused her of failing to pay money for a wig she allegedly bought from her.

Through her lawyers, Ms Mwanza, a voice over artist has also demanded that the woman in question, Natasha Mwansa, should immediately pull down the defamatory message she posted online.

The social media posting which had angered the social media influencer read:

“You are buying an iPhone for K87,000 but you are slacking to pay for a two thousand wig.. God is watching Y’ all'”.

Ms Mwanza’s lawyers, Makeni Zulu Advocates, have written to Ms Kasanda demanding payment for damaging their clients “powerful brand” through a message she posted on Whatsapp.

“We act for Ms Mutale Mwanza hence note our interest.
Our client advises that on or about the 28th instant, you caused to be published on your whatsapp status,” the letter dated September 30, 2022 reads in part.

The lawyers complain that the said words shared on Ms Kasanda’s status were attributed to Ms Mwanza.

You were suggesting that you had done business with our client and ours did not pay you for the goods supplied. In this case artificial hair.

“Ours has suffered ridicule at the hands of right thinking members of the public owing to your actions,” the letter reads in part.

The lawyers state that their clients wants Ms Mwansa to immediately pull down your post and apologize on all social media platforms with the prominence with which you published your post.

” We have placed the damages to be paid to our client at a modest and reasonable sum of two million kwacha only K2, 000,000
You are further informed that you should take the actions set out in 1 and 2 above and settle the said amount within three days from the date of this letter”

Blogpost Source: NKANI Facebook

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