Various Entertainers Come To Mumba Yachi’s Aid After His “Bamboo Studio” Burned Down To Ashes

Folk artist Mumba Yachi lost all his lifetime work and achievements when his “Bamboo Studio” caught fire and burned down to ashes.

The singer shared his disbelief via a Facebook Post, citing the grievance that came with losing a lifetime dedication in a sudden & unfortunate incident. Police has taken up investigations to find out the cause of the fire, already insunuating that it might have spread from the bush at NRDC. However, police acting spokesperson Danny Mwale has said Mumba Yachi’s loss is estimated at over K370,000.

Nonetheless, the Zambian Entertainment Industry has once again proved to be of a unity decent, as various sympathisers have swiftly come to action; offering what they could to help their counterpert back on his feet. Several musicians and public figures have made distinguished contributions in the past few days and it seems more offers could beon their way.

First to action was the jovial Mayor of the great city of Lusaka, Miles Sampa who pledged a One Thousand Kwacha (K1,000) donation, at the same time opening several doors for a better outcome. Fellow artists Macky II, SlapDee & Mampi have each given Ten Thousand Kwacha (K10,000) to Mumba Yachi. 

XYZ rapper Bobby East and Top notch Model Alice Rowland Musukwa have each handed out Five Thousand Kwacha (K5,000) while TV & Radio Personality Mutale Mwanza has offered to help Mumba Yachi rebuild his studio as she has offered Thirty Thousand kwacha (K30,00). Other donations include Comedians Ken Dumbo & Kwantamu, who have both offered according to their purse. Gospel artist Ephraim has also pledged Two Thousand Kwacha (K2,000).

The biggest suprise and most shocking contribution has however come from none other than Yo Maps, who has purchased a full live band studio equipment rumoured to be worthy Fourty Three Thousand Kwacha (K43,000). Mumba Yachi could not help but cheer as he expressed gratitude and offered God’s blessings to everyone who has been so helpful to him in these hard times.