Here Is Why The Anti Corruption Commission are Investigating Singer Yo Maps

Zambian singer Yo Maps’ recent purchase of a Land Cruiser VX has landed him in hot water with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). Following his online flaunting of the vehicle, the ACC has restricted its sale and is investigating its source of funding.

Sources within the ACC suspect the car to be a “moving proceed of crime,” possibly gifted to Yo Maps by a politician attempting to conceal ill-gotten wealth. This suspicion led to Yo Maps appearing before the ACC alongside his wife on December 12th for questioning regarding the vehicle’s financing.

While the ACC remains tight-lipped on the matter, Yo Maps dismisses the investigation with a laugh. He claims his music earnings are sufficient to afford the vehicle, even attributing the construction of a house (worth ten times the car’s value) to his musical success. He further expresses ignorance of the ACC’s investigation and even plans to purchase a similar, white Land Cruiser.

However, Yo Maps’ claims seem at odds with the ACC’s suspicions. The investigation continues, and only time will tell whether Yo Maps can “clean” his name or face further consequences.

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