Singer FJay Defends Jay Rox Management of His Headphones Music Amidst Artist Departures

In recent news, singer FJay and several other artists have reportedly left the record label, Headphones Music, managed by Jay Rox. However, FJay has taken to his Facebook page to defend the management team, sharing his personal reasons for ending his contract with them.

FJay expressed his gratitude towards Jay Rox and his team for their hard work and dedication to building artists’ brands, stating that they work tirelessly and often out of their own pockets to set artists up for success in the long run. He acknowledged that mistakes can be made, but emphasized the importance of getting the facts straight before jumping to conclusions.


The singer challenged critics to try managing just two artists, providing them with housing, food, and promoting their work, all while balancing their own responsibilities. He emphasized that it is not an easy task, and that mistakes are bound to happen in any industry.

FJay ended his post with a message of support for Jay Rox, stating “Long Live Lion,” indicating his respect and admiration for the management team’s efforts.

“Please nakupapatani, I had my reasons for ending my contract with Headphone. My mind wasn’t ready and I had alot going on. Jay Rox and His team work super hard and mostly out of thier own pockets to build brands that set up an artist for LIFE. Its not Easy doing what he does, muli ma lable yangati mu zambia ? you want to kill the remaining ones. Even if he fumbles we are human and prone to error its okay.. but osa ifya Zina ya muntu for likes and mentions.. Get the Facts.
Let’s see you get just 2 artists shoot videos, dress them, give them a house to live in Feed them. Pay them, hook them up with jobs. Promote thier work and at the same time do your work we see how that will go.
Long Live Lion.”