Yo Maps’ Youtube Account Hackers Finally Deletes All His Music Videos From Channel

Celebrated Zambian vocalist Yo Maps has suffered a major setback in his career as the alleged Youtube hackers for his account have decided to hide all of his uploaded videos leaving the channel with absolutely nothing.

The “finally” hit maker was hacked earlier in May, submitting his Youtube Channel to unknown internet hackers who subsequently changed the Youtube Channel’s name to “FFF
However, the major blow came earlier this week when all the uploaded videos on the same channel have disappeared, but we are yet to comfirm if they have been permanently deleted or just hidden from the general public.

Yo Maps backlash started when he released a PF campaign song, alongside Macky 2 & Mampi. Most of his music fans did not take the move lightly, and strongly condemned his decision to side with any political party as an artist.

Regardless, Zambian artists are prone to internet hacking as other artists such as Tiye P, Mampi & Cleo Ice Queen have had their Social Media Pages hacked before.

The said hackers are yet to demand any ramsom, only leaving fans on suspense as to whether they just want to teach Yo Maps a lesson or it’s about something else.

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