Watch Yo Maps Perform “Refresh” For Kidst During A Valentines Event

Valentines is the day for lovers, and singer Yo Maps made sure he had his girlfriend blushing after he performed for her live during an event.

In a viral video, singer Yo Maps is recorded singing for Kidst his hit single “Refresh” while the beautiful lady sits down enjoying the gesture. The song “Refresh” speaks about about fighting against the odds, and starting over in a relationship when things gets a dead end and all hope is gone.

Their love life has been the center for discussion on Social Media Platforms, especially now that it is rumoured the two are planning on getting married soon. With Yo Maps arguably being the most popular artist in the country, his love life has always been in the open, facing numerous challenges and criticism given the fact that his breakup with his ex-girlfriend Mwizukanji raised alot of dust after the to went after one another, exposing unnecessary secrets.

Kidst on the other hand, also had her own dirty hands as she was easily connected to the late Daev Zambia, whom it was later learnt after his death that the two shared intimate relationship, and then discovered through a video shared online that Kidst had been abusive the singer.

But with their pasts put aside, Yo Maps & Kidst started a new chapter in their lives, proving against all odds that they where meant to be. Despite facing challenges in their early stages of their relationship, Yo Maps and his girlfriend has proven to swim past everyone who doubted them, with Kidst ending up giving the hit song maker a son.

And to really appreciate her efforts, Yo Maps had to sing a very message rich song for her live in public as can be seen in a video below:

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