Yo Maps Issues Statement After Facing Social Media Backlash Regarding Baby Mama Drama

Singer Yo Maps has issued an official public statement following his consequential Social Media backlash regarding his love affairs.

The “Finally” hit maker has been trending on Social Media after news went round that He has been disrespectful towards his baby mama, whom it is rumoured that Yo Maps broke up with. A video circulated on Facebook, where it is assumed that Mwizukanji, spoke on phone with Social Media Influencer known as Aunty Millie. It is during this phone interview that Yo Maps fiancee opened up about how she has been treated throughout the relationship, accusing the famous hitmaker of sleeping around with different ladies, over-looking her signifance in their rleationship due to the fact that Mwizukanji was married before, and had two kids before meeting Yo Maps. She also spoke strongly about Evans, Yo Maps’ music DJ and his involvement in their private life.

Music fans countrywide did not take this development lightly, with most of them threatening to quit Yo-Maps‘ music & shows. However, Yo maps has then opened up, issuing a public statement. He has dismissed the opinions shared on Facebook by Evans, as not being his and has emphasized that he has total respect for women in general, including the baby mother to his only child.

Yo Maps has gone further to assure his fans that the right time will come when he will share his side of the story. 

Meanwhile, music lovers are also waiting on the debut album by the singer, which he announced earlier this year. Some analysts have already suggested that this baby mama drama could be a stunt to promote the same fourthcoming album.

Below is his statement.

Firstly I would like to make it clear that the opinions of my DJ Evans do not in any way represent my views. With that said I would like to apologise to the mother of my child for the hurtful things that were directed towards her. I would also like to apologise to the public for hurting you and disappointing you with all that is happening.
I would like to make mention that I respect women a lot, I have a mother, sisters, nieces, cousins, friends etc. I would in no way be happy if they were disrespected, I have a lot of respect for women including the woman that gave me a beautiful child. We may not be in good terms but I do appreciate and respect her a lot despite our differences. With that said, I would also like to bring to light that they are some fake facebook accounts that have published a lot of fake statement(s) about her kids pretending to be me. This is not the first time I have addressed this situation. My side of the story will definitely come out as soon as both families conclude this matter.
Thank you and God bless