Yo Maps Finally Tells His Side Of The Story During Getting Candid Hellen!

The saga in Yo Maps baby mama drama takes a drift as singer gives his side of the story during interview with Hellen.

Yo Maps has finally spoken out about his trending, yet unfortunate moment regarding his baby mama drama with Mwizukanji. Last week, disturbing news broke out that the singer had parted ways with his fiance, and there after he was accused of being abusive to the mother of his child.

An effort by Facebook influencer Aunty Milly managed to get Mwizukanji’s side of the story. By then Yo Maps was potrayed a bad character resulting in most of his music lovers to threaten boycotting his music duer to the fact that it was believed he had zero respect for women. 

This prompted Yo Maps to issue a statement, apologising to Mwizukanji and his fans, assuring them that time would come when his side of the story will be made available.

Yo Maps Statement via Facebook

However, fans will no longer have to wait because the latest Episode from Getting Candid with Hellen has finally covered what every music fans have been yearning for. The renouned Journalist payed a visit to Yo Maps Home (Emphasis: He has his own house!) and managed to get to him openning up about what has been transpiring.

Yo Maps has since shared his full story, starting from how & when he met Mwizukanji to getting her prgnant, then later on  learning about her previous marriage & her two kids. The singer has explained how he was kept in the dark about Mwizukanji’s past life, leading to him losing trust in his fiance hence being forced to call for a breakup.

Furthermore, Yo Maps has spoken about losing composure to an extent of attempting to take his own life, but luckily his new girlfriend was their to comfort him. He has also thanked the good friends and family members who have been there for him during hard moments as this, and is hoping him & mwizukanji could find time to sit down to create peace for the sake of their daughter Bukata.

Watch the full interview below & share your thoughts in the comment section provided just after the video.