“I Deserve All The Fire I Recieved From Fans in 2021” SlapDee Reflects On Past Mistakes || That Zed Podcast

eXample Yapa Zambia rapper & CEO SlapDee is already making headlines in 2022 with his first interview appearance on the That Zed Podcast hosted by K-Plus & Elson. In what seemed to be a very friendly discussion, the rapper spoke openly about may issues sorrounding his existence, including his comeup, drive and vision for his music career.

Having started his career journey back in 2004/5, SlapDee claimed he had always drawn inspiration from the likes of Black Muntu and (especially) Master Flow, who he claims moulded the base of HipHop in Zambia. However, his journey was not without hardships and challenges; he once narrated some instances when he was completely broke and hopeless, almost giving up on his music journey but luckily it was the passion that kept his dreams alive. And like any upcoming artist, his biggest challenge was money, and he recalled how he used to walk from Matero to Chawama just to get to a recording studio.

Slapdee also talked about earning his first deal, starting to get real money and establishment of the XYZ Crew. However, the biggest discussion was regarding his joining of Kalandanya Music Promotions, doing campaign songs and the backlash that he faced in 2021 after his teammates left XYZ, fans feeling disappointed with his decisions. In response to such questions, SlapDee honestly cleared the air by saying he regrets going against his own words. Earlier in his career he had assured his music fans about “Never involving himself in politics” but he had emmediately broken that vow when he sang for the outgoing Patriotic Front party during the 2021 campaign season.
SlapDee understands and acknowleges that he deserved all the criticism and hate speech he got back from his loyal fans, but most importantly he claims it was a lesson to learn from. However regarding his departure from XYZ, to join Kalandanya Music Promotions SlapDee claimed it was a sacrifice worthy taking. By the time he was signing that new deal, SlapDee said XYZ was completely bankrupt, and was not making any money. He further went on to state that the only hope was Daev, but his untimely death made things much more complicated forcing the leader of the once most dominant crew crew to take desperate moves in order to save the day.

On a lighter note, it was good to learn from SlapDee that everyone who has ever departed XYZ has gone back to him to make peace, this could insight that there is absolutely no bad blood between the Newly created NewAge movement and Mwila Musonda. For the full one hour episode of the trending podcast, watch the video below:

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