Producer KB Ignites Social Media Debate After Sharing His List Of Influential Rappers In Zed Including Jemax

K-Army Boss Killa Beats has sparked internet debate after he shared a short list of male rappers that he believes played a major role in influencing other younger rappers. According to KB, it was SlapDee who opened the platform, inspiring other rappers to sound just like him especially those that broke out from Lusaka.

Further, KB included Chef 187 on that list as the second figure of influence before wrapping up his list with Jemax as the sole influencer of modern “Kopala”  rap style which has since dominated the Zed Industry for so long.

However, such opinions does not go un-noticed as alot of other music enthusiasts has come out to disregard especially given the fact that SlapDee came on the scene slightly after Tommy Dee has established himself as a rapper. Also Chef 187 could be regarded to have drawn influence from his elder brother, Macky 2 who has since retired from active music after releasing his final project “Olijaba“.
Others have also dismissed that Jemax has been the centre of influence, stating the fact that it Y-Celeb and the 408 Empire who introduced the world to the current Kopala Dance Rap” genre, and Jemax sounded more like Chef 187 during his comeup years.

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