SlapDee Recalls When A Fan Mistook His Response For Arrogance

XYZ rapper & CEO SlapDee is already making headlines in 2022 with his first interview appearance on the That Zed Podcast hosted by K-Plus & Elson. In what seemed to be a very friendly discussion, the rapper spoke openly about may issues sorrounding his existence, including his comeup, drive and vision for his music career.

One Moment that was brought up during the dscussion is one viral incidence where slapDee responded to a named Twitter User that “He was Lucky SlapDee even nodded to his greeting” when the two met at a gym.

The incident happened back in 2019, when a Twitter fan took to Social Media To Complain that he did not get the right response from King Deezo:

“So I met Slapdee on East Park around 18hrs, As a fan I shouted King Dizo but he just nodded his head no Chimwela zoona… Ba king chilishani”

After getting so much heat from ther fans and twitter users, Slapdee came back and gave the most hillarious response ever, with the famous “You are lucky I even nodded”!!!

SlapDee during the Podcast was enerst to share an honnest opinion regarding fans who have high expectations of their favourite celebrities, where he stated that it is always a Zambian thing for people to always feel “entitled” wherever they have played a part in someones career. He claimed that fans feel they feel so entiled to control the celebrities only because they support that person, by playing their music, or attending their show.

He went on to re tell the same story of what exactly might have happened that day. He was coming off the gym, just recieved a call from his aunt and wife, about how his son had burnt his leg. So when the named fan tried to extend his his greting, SlapDee was already in a confused state and was actually on the phone trying to speak to his aunt so when he heard someone call him out, he decided to nod instead.

SlapDee then used the story to send some quick advice to fans. He stated that even celebrities are just normal human beings who experience bad days just like everybody else; so it’s only wise for dedicated supporters to understand such moments, and lower their expectations from him or anybody else.

The full episode of That Zed Podcast aired yesterday on Youtube and can be accessed below:

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