DJ Mzengaman To Wrap Up His “End Of Year Cypher” Series This Year

The famous “End Of Year Cypher” sequel is finally coming to an end.

MBeats Generation Music CEO, DJ Mzengaman has has a successiful run with his HipHop Cyphers at the end of the year since he introduced it about seven years ago. The signature series has attracted verses from almost all the HipHop giants in Zambia, especially XYZ founder SlapDee who has made an appearance in all of them. DJ Mzengaman‘s cypher run has received it fair share of cryticism especially when it comes to the selection of rappers who have made an appearance on the verses. He has been critised for avoiding Kopala Swag giants such as Macky 2 & Chef 187, for undisclosed reasons, also sidelining of fresh rappers on the scene for each particular year.

Regardless, the cypher has been praised and categorised as one of the greatest innovations to Zambian HipHop, as it promotes competition among the topmost rappers, as they battle out for the best verses each year. Also, with his introduction of the Junior Cypher, DJ Mzengaman managed to encourage upcoming artist to put in as much effort in their year run in order to book a spot in the prestige cyphers.



Despite all the success with the cyphers, DJ Mjengaman has suggested to put the tools down, and obviously concetrate on some other innovations. Earlier today He shared the news on his Facebook Page, about 2020 being the final cut of the End Of The Year Cypher series. He however hinted that this would also be a special edition, which will come with a video as well as a documentary to showcase the process of bring so much topnotch talented rappers together in one project.

Check out his post below: