DJ Mzengaman Shares Solid Tips For A Successful Music Career

Award winning record producer and certified HipHop creator DJ Mzengaman has in the recent days shared some solid tips to upcoming artists, ideas that could help them excel in the tightly occupied industry and make them come out as serious individuals that know what they are doing.

Since his steeping into the Music industry, DJ Mzengaman has been once of the best business minded music producers that the country has ever seen. His principles has helped him aquaint himself to all the prominent players, from topnotch artists to Radio/Club DJs as well as music promoters. His expertise in HipHop production has seen him win get nominated for Music production awards. In 2016, he won the Mosi Lager Best Studio Music Award. His production has further seen several music albums get award nominations and awards, such as Slap Dee‘s Black Na White and Bobby East‘s B-East albums.

And now with all the success, Dj Mzengaman recently announced that this year’s End Of Year Cypher could be the last. As he continues to engage his fans through his facebook page, the multi talented sound engineer shared two tips that could benefit an upcoming artist, make them be taken seriously and enable them excel in thier music business. Here is what he wrote:


TIP #1 to New Artists (Effective Communication)
When talking to musicians or producers that you want to work with, Some of you complain that they don’t give replies or feed back. You need to understand that most of these guys are very busy and that their numbers are regarded as “Business Lines” Therefore, summarise the greetings and business issue in just one paragraph.

Example “Hello Timbaland, hope you are well, My name is Jakido’ wanted to find out how much you charge to produce one song and the procedure to follow when am ready”
Thats 👆 how it should be😃

It is hard to attend to you when you started with “Hi” after he replies, then you text “Laka laka?” after her replies then you text “Is this Timbaland?” after he replies then you say “How is business” after he replies then you say my name is Jakido” then u wait for him to reply then thats when you say “nizingati nyimbo”. Nop! thats 👆 not how it works ….

TIP #2 to New Artists (Releasing Songs)
It is not every song that you record which you must release. Learn the art of being professional and patient. Always aim at recording maybe 3 or so songs before choosing which one you can put out as an official single! “Remember first cut is the deepest” The more you drop average songs, the more you are rated as a wack or average artist. When you just have 1 song in your catalogue even when it is not really good you will convince yourself that its a good song! But when your have 2 or more, you will be able to compare and weigh which one makes much more sense. (You could even use some of your friends to get views and help you in figuring out which one makes much more sense).

Take your time, select the best song from your new catalogue, and push it whole heartedly! Additionaly, recording and releasing songs every week or every month isn’t really progressive because you will not really put much effort in pushing each particular song!

Always use this process when releasing every song 👇
1. Make sure production is on point (Beat and Vocal Mixing should be of high quality)
2. Create a good art work for the song
3. Publish the song on important Zambian Music websites such as Zambian Music blog, Afrofire, DJ showstar, Indimba and so on
4. Make sure your song is posted on some prominent YouTube channels such as ZedMusic Zm
5. Share links on Facebook and if possible (Boost the posts for more viewership and downloads)
6. Take the songs to some notable radio stations in a well packaged promo CD.
7. Organise some radio interviews about your song with some DJ’s
8. Find time to distribute your song in clubs with various Club DJs.

Then from here, Keep making more music as you plan for your next release!

Remember, things happen when you decide to make them happen….. At the end of the day, YOU ONLY GOT YOU!