DJ Mzengaman Confirms Macky 2 Will Be Part Of The 2021 End Of Year Cypher

DJ Mzengaman  has finally confirmed Macky 2 will be part of his 2021 End Of Year Cypher by sharing a clip where Macky 2 ask’s for a “space” in the biggest yearly HipHop collaboration in Zambia.

The development comes only a few weeks after DJ Mzengaman public addressed Macky 2 to be part of the rap cypher through a comment when Macky 2 eas announcing his latest released single with Danny Kaya.

DJ Mzengaman was clear with his shot, beging King Bugar to make one special appearance before hanging his boots as an artist, since Macky 2 has already announced that he would be retiring from active music after dropping his now delayed album dubbed Olijaba. Mzengaman clearly indicated he wanted to burry the rumours that he has been denying the Kaira brothers (Macky 2 & Chef 187) opportunities to be part of the End Of Year Cypher since its inception seven years ago.

Checkout DJ Mzengaman’s latest post below comfirming Macky 2 as part of the 2021 End of year cypher.


What are your views about this development, are you excited about the 2021 End Of Year Cypher? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.