DJ Mzengaman Cypher 2021 Reviews & Rating: New Wave Artists Shine In A Legend Packed Anthem

The DJ Mzengaman End Of Year Cypher for the year 2021 is finally out and as it was surrounded with full of anticipation, the anthem has delivered a totally baked masterpiece which includes a fair share of Old School Rappers and New Wave Artists. The Cypher is led by SlapDee and closed off by his long time nemsis, Macky 2 who has made the appearance for the first time since its inception about a decade ago. Other interesting features include Muzo aka Alphonso, controversial Umusepela Chile as well as Xaven, who is currently on fire.

We took time to listen and review the cypher, and we have rated every single verse based on the delivery, punchlines and wordplay. And since it’s rap, every verse is unique in its form, so we have paid alot of our attention to “wow” moments in each flow and looked specifically for moments which will leave listeners with open mouths in awe.

Slapdee (Rating 6/10)
SlapDee has appeared in all of the End Of year Cyphers by DJ Mzengaman, and we should accept that there are instances where he created way much better verses than the one he has given in this year’s Masterpice. His creativity seems to be crowded with the backlash he has faced off this year due to some personal decisions, that angered his fans and critics. His verse doesn’t seem to “compete” with other verses in the cypher but rather telling off “specific haters” elsewhere:

“Busy na vaupuba monga guy achaya quickie…
And for them that be questioning bars, sindimwe baku council why questioning bars?”

Bombshell Grenade (Rating 8/10)
The Mfumu Kadzi has been underrated for a long time, she has been spitting fiery verses in many of her songs and the same should be said about this year’s cypher. She quickly set the tone to claim her spot as the “GOATest” and validating her delivery to be on point. She doesn’t provide any wow moment but still her verse is quite interesting:

“Am undefeated against the odds…

Stay here, am preparing a speech for my next awards”

Kd Giza (Rating 5/10)
The Chipata based artist made his biggest appearance in the cypher and he represented his region well. Most upcoming artists would probably tremble at such a big opportunity to go toe to toe with other bigger artists, but KD made sure to claim his spot and let everyone know he is here to compete with the best.

Tim (Rating 7/10)
Thugga is such a dangerous artist to go against with in a Cypher. His skill to switch between english and venacular effortlessly would leave any fans wowed. He states his stand in belief of the Gospel and he now believes he is capable of dropping “devils” off balance.

Jemax  (Rating 7/10)
There is no other rapper representing the streets right now as Jemax. He stays steady on the flow as he brags about his success this year but he doesn’t do much to keep the relevence in the cypher nor does he provide any wow moment with his rhymes.

Kaniz (Rating 8/10)
Kaniz brings a unique style to the Cypher as he brags about his personal achievements:

“Monga housedog nili petty,
Am so sick munipeleke ku Vet”

Tiye P (Rating 10/10)
It’s no doubt Tiye P brought his A game in the cypher and by far he had the best punchlines, best wordplay and sat so comfortably on the beat while doing it:

“The only MC who stands out in a big circus,
I am progressing, my progression progress progresses like piano chords…
Musana, am back but ndeya futi,
Been the shit for a long time, ndenya futi…
Muli ma actors who dont make the scene,
Day mukanchila Wezi will bleach her skin…”

Kays (Rating 5/10)
Kays made the cut all the way from Southern province and made his verse appearance in Tonga Lingo. While he confortably sat on the Cypher Beat, it’s only an average flow that he gave out.

Muzo aka Alphonso (Rating 5/10)
Despite Muzo aka Alphonso being one of the most loved rapper for wordplay and hidden rhymes, he barely gives out an average verse which could be rated as the worst in the cypher. His rhymes sounds recycled and forced.

“Kuti wapusa kapoli napoli,
Elwimbo nalamimbila bakapoli…”

Smaq (Rating 6/10)
Smaq made his comeback to rap earlier this year and has even made the cut to the cypher, this is due to the close relationship he has enjoyed with DJ Mzengaman. Though his verse is just above average, there is nothing special about it.

Young E (Rating 5/10)
Another fresh name on the scene that DJ Mzengaman wanted to share his creativity with the fandom. The young rapper stays relevent throughout his verse in the cypher and there is a light ahead of his career no doubt.

Umusepela Chile (Rating 9/10)
Umusepela Chile is undoubtedly the biggest breakout artist since 2020. His verse in the cypher is full of intimidation and creativity and can be ranked only next to Tiye P.

“Nalefwaika ka vacation after dropping ilya python,
Banjita muli cypher ati so bwekeshepo arson..
Samson wa number two, Delilah takabwele,
Tapalipo sex ikalenga secrete nkamyebe,
Muletupela shade tuleikala muchitenlelwe,
Mwilambona ukufuka, ndi mbwili mu mbelele”

Xaven (Rating 9/10)
Xaven is a hardcore rapper who most of the fans have already crowned as the female “Numero Uno” due to her similar delivery skills but just with a bit more confidence:

“Kopala Queen queening
Am too bitter pill pill quinine…
Ngashilipo pa list ya abo mulumba
Ngashilipo pa list umu ninshi ni rhumba…”

Slim The Hitmaker (Rating 7/10)
Slim The Hit Maker raps confortably in this cypher while making comparisons of himself to so many things that are just impossible.

“The only new wave ali hardcore,
So watch who you talking to monga nipa video call…”

Dizmo (Rating 8/10)
If anybody ever doubted Dizmo they probably regretting that now. He spits interesting bars while representing the streets that created the rapper he is.

“Leka nidye beat bazasala bateula
Nigwira paper kuchila stapler…
Kuti nakusha ichilema ngeshina lyaba kateka
Dizmo ni mbuzi nipeze kwa kabesha…”

Macky2 (Rating 9/10)
Macky 2 made his first appearance in the Cypher in what seems to be “coming to the end of his career” after claiming he will retire after releasing his Olijaba album. King Bugar made sure his verse was special and it contained enough message to inspire the younger generation. He doesn’t stay relevent to the cypher, but his delivery is on point to close the cypher on a high note:

“You gotta name drop me to go viral,
Am flying under the raddar, low profile…
“Even ZNBC loves the way I tell a vision,
The is no love without hate in this hells kitchen…”

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