DJ H-Mac Closes Out The Summer Sessions With “Bana Banga” Featuring Bobby East

This year’s XYZ summer sessions have finally come to an end and we have been offered amazing music and massive collaborations. From the iconic first session, which saw SlapDee & Macky 2 come together in a song song regarded as the best hiphop zambian song of 2020, DJ H-Mac have this time around managed to bring out some of the best songs forming a playlist of topnotch  artists like Koby, Camstar & Brawen.

However, it has come to our satisfaction that these mesmerising Friday offerings have finally come to an end with a banger; giving us a song by the fans favourite The DayWalker. Bobby East has come through with an interesting scenario, talking about his struggling early days in Chunga when no one believed in his talents, and to make things worse his decent family origin that could not see him compete with the rich folks’ kids.
However, with the way things have turned out, Bobby East is now a successful guy and is going to make sure his kids have enough support to prevent them from passing through the lifestyle he had when he was growing up.
If we were to rate all the songs H-Mac has given us during this year’s Summer Sessions, Bobby East’s song can only come second to “Tiliko” only because the first song had legends and Daev in it.

If you havent seen the video to “Bana Banga” yet, check it out below…


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