Rapper Bobby East Explodes At Lord Wapi For Complimenting Him (In The WRONG Way)!

Last night rapper Bobby East could not control his temper as he offloaded huge insults on cartoon artist “Lord Wapi” after the later wrote a compliment (in the wrong way) while commenting on Day Walkers Facebook Page.

The scuffle happened when Bobby East, shared a post of self praise on his timeline but William populary known as Lord Wapi commented in the best sarcastic way way, probably referencing to Bobby East’s past, which did not sit well with the Matero born & bled artist.

It did not take long before Bobby East replied to the comment, clearly attacking Lord Wapi and showering him with loads of insults.

Lord Wapi, who is famous for making sacastic jokes and trolling celebrities, both in his drawings and Social Media Posts; later on explained in a seperate Facebook post shared on his timeline that his comment on Bobby East’s post was nothing but a compliment that was quickly misunderstood.

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