XYZ Manager DJ H-Mac Announces New Team Project: “Lost Files”

XYZ Entertainment Manager DJ H-Mac took to social media to announce a new team project titled “Lost Files.”
According to H-Mac, the music project is scheduled to be released anytime soon this month (April) and will be a token of appreciation to everybody who has stood by XYZ through their obstacles & challenges as a team. He has not clarified who will specifically make appearance in the project, but we can only stay anticipating for a number of old artists who have been part of the team for along time like SlapDee & Johny Cee. And from the title of the shared cover, it is safe to conclude that there will be more than just one installement of the “Lost Files” project.

DJ H-Mac has earned the fans respect for putting together unthinkable projects, which often turns out to be more impressive than expected. A good example is the recently ended XYZ Friday Summer Sessions which saw him bring together SlapDee & Macky II in a single song, as well as classics from rappers Bobby East, Tommy D & Camstar.
But regardless his success, XYZ was hit badly earlier this in January when it was reprted the recording studio was broken into, with robbers getting away with all studio equipment. To some extent, “Lost Files” could have come together as inspiration from the incident since it was also reported all recorded data was stolen too.

Check below what DJ H-Mac had to write: