SlapDee Asks Fans To Stay Calm & Wait For Official Statement Amid Members Leaving XYZ Crew

Example Yapa Zambia (XYZ) leading artist and founder member Slapdee has asked fans to stay calm and wait for the official Record Label statement partaining to the memebers that are leaving the crew.
Yesterday, Koby was the latest artist to leave XYZ after he shared a heartening statement on his Facebook Page, thanking the crew for the time he spent with them, and suggesting his vision now requires him to take a different route in order to archieve bigger dreams. The rapper’s departure follows the shocking stepping down of XYZ long time manager H-Mac who also shared his decision to leave to the Record Label after so many years of glory and holding together a team of what most fans categorically believed to have been the biggest Record Label before Kalandanya Music Promotion & Nexus Entertainments came into Play.

The crew was shaken up sometime last year when two of it’s senior members Slapdee & Bobby East got signed to Kalandanya Music Promotions, leaving questions as to whether they still belonged to XYZ or not. While those questions have not been answered yet, DJ H-Mac had tried his level best to hold the crew together by pushing new crew members such as DJ Rhys & Brawen as well as signing Alpha Romeo in order to boost its propularity. However it seems things have not been going to plan, and He subsequently stepped down, only to be followed by Koby.
Fans have been storming SlapDee’s Social Media platforms, demanding answers for the ongoing frenzy. On one of his post, SlapDee has replied asking all those with questions to stay calm as an official statement will be released soon to answer several questions.