DJ H-Mac Highlights Jemax Among Others As The Most Hard Worked MCee In 2021 | See Full List

New Age Entertainment boss DJ H-Mac celebrated his birthday yesterday and he sure made it a special one. For the first time, he has decided to be highlighting twelve (12) HipHop MCees that have hard worked for the past year in order to show appreciation and respect for their efforts.

According to the outspoken music promoter, the list is purely based on the artists input for the past 12 months, and is exclusively for rappers. So withoust wasting much time time, lets dive intot he list below:

01. Jemax

Since signing to Nexus Music, Jemax has really shot upt to the skies and has released countless hits hencefourth. From releasing “Teti Mbembwa” and his all time favourite “Ichilaka” which is still making noise both on radio and the streets. His current song is a special appearance in Towela Kaira’s single “Manana” which is the most trending song at the moment. His skill for hardcore rap verses always finds its self aligning with alot of fans.

02. B-Mak / Chef 187 (tie)

B-Mak hasn’t created much music this year, but his solid appearance in NewAge released music has proven to be a force to reckon with. Since breaking out of the XYZ Entertainment, B-Mak came back from what seemed to be a retirement to spitting vernomous flows and putting other rappers on notice.

Chef on the other hand Chef 187 has always been the most consistent rapper when it comes to creativity. At first listen, you might not even be able to get what his rap concerpts are, but once you do, everyone remains perplexed at how deep the Numero Uno can go to send a positive message out there! His appearance in KB’s “This love is New” the release of “Bwacha” & Aletina Ifumo” is enough to solidify his space as an elite rapper this year.

3. Tim

Tim most known by his former name Thugga started this year on a great note, he has not sorely created music but his appearances in other artists’ music has brought a bright light to his career. His one on one masterpice with Chef 187 in DJ Showstars “Mwana Mfumu” was one of the mst creative song ever released. He has also appeared in KB’s various compilations as well DJ H-Macs Lost Files. Many proposed he was the fitting candidate to do a featured song with DAX.

04. DIzmo

Dizmo has always worked hard ever since he was given a chance to prove himself in the industry by getting signed under Jae Cash. The Kamufana kandalama has this year made big appearances in featured projects including KB’s Diarry 11, while he has released massive hits such as “Panda Ukanilowe”, “Muletupepelako” & Saka Na Half”.

Dizmo is currently working on his debut album which highlights DJ Mzengaman as the Executive Producer.

5. Brawen

While many thinks Brawen is slightly ranked higher on this list, the young artist has been working tirelessly this year and has been the most active artist in the NewAge record Label since its inception.

However the highest peak for Brawen is the release of the Flex EP, which unsurprisingly received massive support from music fans

06. Princess Natasha Chansa

Natasha Chansa was the breakout rapper of 2020. And that has incited her to work even harder this year. She has made special album features in credible albums such as “Lost Files” but her most recommendable work came in form of her newly released project “The Genesis EP”.

07. SlapDee

This year has not been a great year for King Dizzo, but any top list can never be complete without adding one of the pioneers of Zambian HipHop.

SlapDee has not released personal music this year but has appeared in almost all major projects released by any artists you could name. From DJ H-Macs “Lost Files” to Yo Maps “Komando”, King Dizo has made appearances in DJ Mzengaman’s Supremacy album as well as Fuego 2.0. His most remarkable hit though is Nez Long’s “Input” alongside Y-Celeb & Bobby East.

08. Bombshell Grenade

Bombshell may not be as popular as she should be but that doesnt hold her back from putting in work. The two time AFRIMMA nominee is yet to release a full project this year, Mfumu Kadzi but she has put out credible singles such as Good times , Muzike & Lockdown.

09. Umusepela Chile

Having stayed away from music for the first half of this year, many had already counted off Umusepela Chile until he made a warmup comeback with Wokmates. However his biggest song this year, was Black Jesus featuring Jay Rox in what many are now claiming to be the HipHop song of the year. He has released a brand new single “Python” after that and it’s safe to say he is still maturing into one of the best artist to ever grace the mic in Zambia.

10. Y Celeb

If you talk about relentlessness, consistence and creativity, then you are talking about Super Mulolo! The 408 Empire artist has been releasing music here and there and honestly it is very hard even for the most loyal fans to keep count! Our favourites this year however are special appearance in Nez Long’s “Input” and his single “Gangster Exe” featuring Chef 187 & Jedi.

11. Drifta Trek

Drifta Trek knows well how to stay relevent in the rap game. His consistence has driven him this far and its hard not to count him as one of the biggest artists in Zambia. His hit single “Easy” with legendary Izrael plus his love based rythm “Before” alongside Neo are enough to seal him a place in this list. He has made quite other special appearances in albums and EP’s this year.

12. Holstar / Krytic (tie)

Closing off the list are two of the most iconic rapers Zambia has ever have. Holstar and Krytic have both contributed greatly to the growth of the Zambian industry and never a day rested at creating great content.

Holstar has released awesome projects this year including “Kupeleka Nyali Ya Moto” & “Legacy”. Krytic has not released much of music this year apart from a special appearance in Mubby Roux single “Dont Test Me” but he as been working on a special audiobook titled “Art.Is.Tic”.

Special Shoutout – Umusepela Crown

DJ H-Mak gave a special recognition to Umusepela Crown. Though the rapper may not be in the limelight yet to be compared to all these other established artists, DJ H-Mak believes Crown is doing enough this year to be awarded the title of “Best Underground MCee”.