“Black Dollar” Film Maker David Kazadi Talks Need For Entertainment Schools In Zambia

Fast rising and trending film Producer David Kazadi has described the need for establishing Entertainment schools where professionals could learn how to handle production, directing and acting itself. He said this when he was invited to the That Zed Podcast hosted by radio Presenter K-Plus.

During the show, David discussed many topics concerning his film industry business, including the reason why he came back to Zambia from london. He further discussed his most popular movie, Black Dollar which was released earlier this year and has a production cost estimated at One Million US Dollars (About ZMW17,000,000). The movie Black Dollar was launched at major cimemas in Zambia and is currently streaming on Showmax.


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Despite having produced a successful thriller film with a high budget, David Kazadi stressed that there is more to be done in Zambia for the industry to grow, including establishing schools that will catter various film making lessons especially for technicians.

“I’ll start with what I found easy. The easy thing is Zambia is full of talents, …
when when I was for instance; when I was casting for my movie Black Dollar I had
the same sort of um skepticism. I was like am I really going to find actors we’re going to pull this off and blah blah that wasn’t even a problem yeah the moment we put our
costume call we had like tons of people coming in and really talented people the biggest challenge we have as an industry and we’re still sort of working on it is
technicians, and by the technicians I mean camera operators, DOP directors, producers… The people who like make the film away from the people in front of the camera and that partly to do with the fact that we don’t have institutions that teach um sort of the creative arts and everyone’s software…”

David Kazadi broke the record for creating Black Dollar, as the most expensive film production cost in Zambia, but has also been trending with his most controversial “reality show” The Divorce Club which was premiered on Youtube earlier this year. Though season of the reality show was free, the second season will return this month to subscribers at only USD10 per month.

He is also scheduled to premiere another movie, Slay Queen earlier in 2022.

Watch the full podcast below