Bobby East Stresses About 2021, Compares It To 2013, “Another Year That Beat My A**”

Former XYZ frontliner Bobby East has opened up about the challenges he had faced last year in 2021 and accepts that it actually kicked him down, to such an extend of him comparing it to one of his worst career moment in 2013.

Just like many other artists, Bobby East is one of those who faced a major backlash from fans after he and other artists signed under Kalandanya Music Promotions where made to release countless political campaign songs in support of the previous rulling part, the Patriotic Front.

However, the idea did not sit well with many music fans, who retailiated on Social Media and called it betrayal from their most loved artists. While most of them had public apologized, others remained notorious about it, and it has seemed to affect the business deals from the prominent artists. That move, is believed to have led to most of the XYZ members leaving the most dominant clue in Zambia and creating their own Record Label, hence the birth of the New Age crew led by DJ H_Mac himself.
Now putting all this together, Bobby East has opened up about this setback, and actually compares it to way back in 2013 when he had actually considered retiring from music after a sestape was released online and landed hin in police custody.

But having fought adversity before has put the Day Walker in a stronger position to rise above challenges, thats why he has hopes for a better 2022 and beyond, as we hope he could give amazing music just like he always have.

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