Bobby East Says Fans Dont Give Him Enough Credit For His Rap verses As They Should

XYZ CEO Bobby East has stressed out at fans not giving him enough credit and respect for his rap verses, a scenario that may see him dump the genre for Pop.
Day Walker earlier this year shared his desire to ditch rap music for a more soft genre such as R&B and AfroPop. While the later is currently the trending music genre worldwide, it is also evident that it is paying more taking for instance Burna Boy & Wiz Kid who just won themselves Awards at the just ended 2021 Global Grammy Awards.
Bobby East has evolved massively in his music career. From the time he released incredible hardcore rap music such as Paloma, Stophila Sunzu & Hatemail; Daywalker has gone to creating more mainstream pop music including Pyscho Bae which has emmerged as one of the all time fan favourite.

While when a fan on Twitter ried to express his impression at a Bobby East HipHop verse, the “HateMail” hit maker clarified that he feels like less respect is given in his direction for his creativity, hence the desire to do a more popular & softer genre. Ofcourse this can also be alluded to the success Bobby East enjoyed from his previous Album; Vanilla Rob, which was a more R&B centred project than HipHop.

Checkout what he wrote below