Bobby East Amplifies On His Desire To Retire From Music, After Daev’s Shocking Death

XYZ rapper Bobby East remains optimistic about his future in Music especially after the passing of Daev Zambia.

The pop artist has been teasing retirement throughout this year, hinting at fans that his fourthcoming albulm Rob Vs DayWalker” might be his last. Now with the passing of his teammate, Bobby East is more encouranged to hang up the gloves than before, especially conterplating on the way people treat artists when they are dead compared to when they are alive.

Daev, who died in a road accident, received one of the greatest send off the country has ever seen. It was clear that his influence was beyond boarders, as even international artists and fans poured in their last respect. His burial, was attended to by a great multitude who came to say farewell to the beloved singer.

However, the mighty send off of Daev personally got to Bobby East. He later questioned why his teammate was shown such love unlike when he was still alive. He then believes it could be best to let go of the sacrifice he makes for music, in order to concetrate on other things.

He shared his frustrations through a tweet