XYZ Manager H-Mac Comfirms Label Studio Was Broken Into, Studio Equipment Stolen!

While everybody tends to start each new year with new resolutions, Zambia’s prominent music crew eXample Yapa Zambia (XYZ)  might be forced to start afresh of all their lifetime work after news have circulated that the Label’s Studio was broken into by unknown robbers who walked away with all the studio equipment.
The news was first reported by Camstar, on the 2nd of January 2021, after he lamented about his lost projects which he has to start re-recording again. Camstar had earlier last year in an interview with DJ Pressure T PMC disclosed that he had recorded numerous songs, and was only waiting for the right time to release an epic album. But with this development, and if the studio did not back up its data elsewhere; it means Capital C has to re-do his entire project again!

Camstar On Radio Phoenix / Image Via Facebook

While there has been total silence of the matter from top XYZ Management, DJ H-Mac has finally opened up about the situation, comfirming over a Facebook Post. The wizzard is still with high hopes of recovery as he has pointed out that XYZ is embedded in the minds of its members rather than the equipment that was stolen.

This is the second calamity in a period of six months that a well established music studio has perished after Mumba Yachi‘s Bamboo studio suffered defeat at the hands of fire. As of today, we are yet to receive an official statement from either the police or XYZ Management regarding the incident. XyZ Entertainment habours countrywide giant musicians & producers such as multi award winning star Slapdee, Bobby East, Koby, Camstar, Mr Starsh, DJ Rhys, Brawen & so many more. It also boasts of naturing great former team members such as Stevo & Kantu who have managed to establish well resounding solo careers.

Screenshot: DJ H-Mac's post via Facebook