Winter Tales Episode One: Unpaying Sacrifice | Download PDF

Kenny got his prayers answered the moment he noticed the girl he really wanted from Facebook get into the same bus as him. She sat two seats behind him and she was alone, wearing a tight-blue jeans with a coffee brown coat on top of a cream white blouse. But since the other seat opposite to her was occupied, Kenny knew the best time to talk to her would be at her drop-off station.

As the Makeni bus left the station, the bus assistant patiently collected his fares, with Kenny happily handing over a K50 to him.

Bama Change nabwera first” he shouted.

As the bus reached near Kanyama, the bus assistant had already given out every other change except for a K50, Kenny was so lost in thoughts planning on how best to pick-up the girl of his dreams that he didn’t even pay attention.

“Ba K50 one? K50 change? Oh kulibe? Don’t bother me at the end of the day…” He gave up and sunk back into his seat.

Now Kenny lived at Sable, but couldn’t get off when the bus reached his destination. He wanted to talk to this girl so badly that he would get off at the same station as her. After all; Makeni isn’t that big!

The bus moved on, past Petroda & past Zambia-Zaire, all the way through St. Monica until it reached Kilimanjaro!

 “Kilimanjaro!” The bus assistant shouted.

Kenny’s heart jumped as he heard a calm & sweet voice behind him say “Nisala!”

Nothing would now stand on his way between this beautiful young girl and him, the floor was his and picking up girls is what he was born to do!

He confidently followed her off the bus, holding his chest out and already putting up his favourite smile, ready to talk to this beautiful lady. They both dropped off and the bus started off, so he was about to follow her to the other side of the road she has just crossed when he, out of nowhere saw her run towards a tall, dark & muscular man with long beards.

“I missed you honey” she said as she embraced him so tight.

“I know”, replied the guy with a deep voice. “Am sorry, the car is still in the garage that’s why I couldn’t come to pick you up…”

“It’s alright, let’s go home… How is my son?”

It’s at this moment when Kenny’s eyes opened up, clearly seeing the wedding ring on the lady’s finger. He has lost.

He reached out into his pockets for the wallet so that he could get just into another bus to take him back to Sable. Alas it was empty! Then realised he did not collect his change back from the bus assistant! It’s going to be a long walk back home.


***The End***

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