POEM: Syre – The Blue Print (Iam My Father’s Son)


This poem was written emmediately after the death of Sylvester’s father who passed away on the 20th of January 2021.
The Blu Print is ajourney through Syre’s real life experiences, sharing true emotions and experiences. The poet illustrates the people and curcumstances that has created the man he currently is at the time of writing.

All names, places and incidences are based on factual occurences and their is nothing ficticious about this poem.


THE BLUE PRINT (Iam My Father’s Son)
(By Syre)

I will always be daddy’s greatest fan
My mother’s most loved son,
Birthed, nursed by a humble family
Natured, taught, but still grew up uncannily
What else could be the eighth wonder if not
The smartest kid who never knew revolt?

My mamma borne me, but granny made sure I was never farmished
And Mildred made sure I was punished
Everytime I stayed off my way.
Chris beat me up in fights but Jeff came to my rescue,
God made sure I never came second in grades, since pre-school
Until this very day.

I was the little farm boy who recently joined town
Chibuluma was hostile but Clement was the friend who never let me down
Thanks for always seeing a brother in me, thats why
I let us share the respect, but thats life!
Sisqo paid me some wage and gave the first chance,
But it was Michael who let us have our first dance.

Daddy will always be the greatest man
And I will always be the most grateful son,
My mother brought me closer to Christ and self discovery
My brother paved way to the city and formal employment
I was lost, Jeff made path to my personal recovery
And the rest of these enjoyments.

I have faced adversity, but I could never give in
I have been served with death, but how am I still living?
They say challenge is the path to greatness
And sacrifice is the price.
My life will never be far from its strangeness!
And I will never suffice to be nice.

I have felt love only from family & friends
But if you talked about illusions & feelings;
I could not meet those ends,
No matter how I tried,
No matter how I cried!
She never made sense off my pleadings.

I had retarded relationships with women
I was usually hurt, disappointed & broken.
But one day, Jessy crossed my path
And like an angel she bore me a son;
And gave my life a start,
Then I realised she was “The One”!

The lord has given me everything I need, doesn’t matter want I want,
God delivered me from the addiction to weed, thats when I repent.
I have rode over the most violent storms with calm,
And that’s what today defines the man that I am!