Wezi Sends Bold Advice To Young & Insecure Black Girls

Sensetional Soul Music & award winning singer Wezi took to her Facebook Page to send some pretty advice to young african women who think negatively about their natural complexion.

She advised them to embrace exactly how God created them, and avoid the belief that beauty is only appreciated when they apply skin toners and make up, and other artificial enhancers. While this is a now very common treat mong women to apply cosmetics and other artificial beauty enhancers, she pointed out that people should not look down on those that still want to remain natural as being unpretty. Below is a screen shot of her statement.




Your fellow blacks will disrespect you for embracing everything they are insecure about themselves; Their skin color, the texture & length of their own natural hair. They will tell you pathetic things like “Manzi yakazi sebenza Wezi” because to them unpermed hair & no make up is equivalent to not bathing! They will post your images with captions to humiliate you because in their eyes your natural beauty is UGLY or Filthy! People spend so much time and money to fit the beauty standards set for them in the media & what’s piteous is that they will detest you for not doing the same!

Some of my fellow black people don’t even understand that they have perilous inferiority complexes! You prefer caucasian skin tones to your own melanin, you vilify kinky hair & admonish anyone that doesn’t adore Brazilian hair! I will forever stand proud to challenge anyone that rises up to shame me for not being afraid to be seen by the world without wigs & make up! I won’t punish myself to impress people who don’t even love me or help me when I’m in desperate need! Being a public figure does not mean I am public property, I refuse to be made to feel worthless, ugly or dirty because someone believes that bathing or beauty is only valid if cosmetics and enhancements are involved! I will always challenge those benighted opinions until every kid that looks upto me understands the power of embracing who they are NATURALLY!

All that cosmetic stuff isn’t as important to me as glorifying the beauty that exists beyond what your eyes can see!!! Stop attacking me for being an unorthodox person! In case it wasn’t already so obvious… let me say it loud and proud; I AM BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL EVEN WITHOUT ENHANCEMENTS & COSMETICS! And for as long as there’s going to be a dimwit sharing inglorious statements, I’ll always share such posts cause I didn’t come to play!