Watch Wezi’s Stunning Music Video For “Buy My Love” Starring Mpali Actor

Talented mainstream singer Wezi has released a stunning single with the title “Buy My Love

The song articulates that a woman is supposed to be won by affection and care, rather than the common impression of showering herwith  gifts and money. She has also involved K Blaze and ERT for an amazing video, starring popular TV Drama Mpali star Bizwell Mudenda.

Regarding the song, here is what the star wrote on her official Facebook Page:

There are so many inequalities that exist in this world, one way you can contribute to the well being is by choosing to champion a cause or two if not more depending of your heart and what you desire to see. We all aren’t here to live forever but what we do while we are here matters more than anything else because those are our footprints in the sands of time. BUY MY LOVE is a song the speaks on one of the causes closest to my heart! I understand that many women suffer silently in abusive relationships because on their own they feel that they have nowhere to go! They stay for their kids… It’s a difficult situation and if you don’t experience it first hand, it’s easy to look down on such women. There’s so many loveless relationships and marriages existing in society because of so many reasons including the fact that women are vulnerable.

No woman must suffer abuse in silence, no woman must put a price on their body against their will because they have no other opinion but to do so.. No woman must stay in a relationship against their will because they are stranded! We must inspire one another to thrive, to be hardworking, financial independent, own land and assets of our own! We must be able to think positive, live long and healthy lives with or without a man to support…

‘Buy my love’ is a reminder to the women that no matter what, no matter how long you stay.. Money can’t buy your peace of mind and your happiness, that’s why we see so many people killing each other in these homes and also suicides because of pressure! Value things beyond what the eyes can see! YES!!! Money is important but try to understand what many can and cannot buy…

No woman must suffer in silence, no man must be treated inhuman, no child must be abused because of their lack of money! Treat people with dignity, love and respect regardless of their present social-economic status!

Money can’t buy time, understanding or attention! Money can expose you to so many friendships but it can’t guarantee you loyalty! Money can take you to the greatest healthcare facilities on the planet and get you treated by the best physicians ever but that does not guarantee you healing… and money can’t buy life.

You may be with someone who doesn’t love you but they will pretend for as long as possible for the sake of money. The solution is to be determined and hardworking, it’s not easy but you must do what you have to do to survive! Do so with integrity and respect for yourself and others, for humanity and God!


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