Musical Twins: Understanding The Difference Between Chile & Crown

There is a very special and unique skill rapidly growing on the Zambian HipHop scene. Fast syllables, tongue twisted rhymes, hard punchlines and strong metaphors. Mostly this skill is being delivered in Bemba.

But who started it? Does anyone OWN it? Well, the answer is simple and straight forward – “Imisepela Shibili”

Umusepela Crown & Umusepela Chile have recently been at the top of the Zambian music talk among artists and fans especially on social media following a controversial music release by Chile dubbed “Snake Of Moses” which literally swept accross the big names in the industry along with their propaganda.

Not only did the song receive applauds from fans about how brave Chile was to stand up and talk about what is really wrong about the industry, it also raised a major question about the similarity in skill regarding another emerging rapper with a literally the same name, creating confusion as to whether it is one and the same person with different stage names or it is just another unknown guy who is trying to steal somebody else’s juice! 

Recently Macky II had shared both of the artists’ videos on his timeline clearly stating that he has been feeling the rappers and he understands they are destined greatness.

Also Sanga Tembo, analysed “Snake Of Moses” giving credit to most of it, but pinpointed out the fact that Crown and Chile sounded the same, and suggested that it might result in one of of the two being over-shadowed by the other. 

Really? Maybe.

The Background & Similarities

Umusepela Chile and Umusepela Crown both come from the Kopala land, came to know each other in the early 2000’s through Music features when they where both unprofessional artists. Since they both rapped fast and used bemba, it was obvious that they decided to work together and perfect their skill. Something similar to Bone Thug.

They made a couple of music together. But the three great ones that made it through the internet where Nindalama (2015), Malaika Musuma (2016) & Nindubana (2018)


The Lion & The Advocate

The two might have a similar skill and a common goal, but they had diffrerent opinions and personalities. Thats why doing solo projects was the right way.

Umusepela Crown is a street MC, a King who wants to claim and control his hunting grounds, just like a lion do. His music is preached across the streets and brings out the truest form of a ghetto child who wants to live his own life.

This can be backed up by his recent Mixtape “Hip Hop Is Not Dead” in which most of the songs are based on his hustle, making money and trying to find Love.

He is constantly seen partaking in cyphers, head to head shots and his music is mainly focused on being ontop the HipHop realm.

On the other hand, Umusepela Chile‘s music is for the people. He barely taks about himself. He digs deep into society and relates out on the microphone. He is an advocate of a political setup and can easily be related to a matyr who puts himself in the shoes of other people and puts his head on the platter for in order to save the community.

His main goal is to see the world change for the better and that he believes begins with changing the mindset of humanity. In his previous EP, “Change” he touched major issues from the Death of Vesper to questioning leadership and religion.

That’s why his current offering of “Snake Of Moses” is no surprise to the people that understands and follows his music.