List Of New & Upcoming Zambian Music Albums To Check Out This Festive Season

December looks like a very promising month when it comes to Zambian Music. The industry is saturated with new albums from big artists, and it seems we are going to have an unlimited amount of songs to add to our playlists. While a good share has already been released by the time we published this article, there is still a fair number of albums left out, yet to be released. Lets take a look at some of the interesting projects from the list below:

1. GOAT – By The Dope Boys (26/11/22)

The 26 track debut album from the Kopala dou was released stictly for sale on Mvesesani music. Having entertained the music fans for a long time since the release of “Oya Mpuu”, the artists finally decided to give its fans a complete compilation of music with a great deal of features.


2. Lesa Pantanshi – By Umusepela Crown (28/11/22)

HipHop artist Umusepela Crown has finally established himself as one of the best and most creative Mcees in the country. With his debut album finally out on streaming platforms, the artist has gained credibilty from fellow artists, fans and analysts for his rich message expressed in his lyrics. The Album has already ammased an outstanding 230,000+ streams on Boomplay alone, just with a period of one week after release.

3. Big Chief Energy – By Cee Thr33 (02/12/22)

While Cee Thr33 is not a big household name, his creativity is actually amzing. The Gospel artist released his Album “Big Chief Energy” on the 2nd of December, 2022 and its something people should look out for especially those that enjoy self righteous & worship genres.

04. Zambia Izavina – By Chanda Na Kay (02/12/22)

Arguably the biggest album that Zambians are looking forward to, Chanda Na Kay finally unveiled the official tracklist & release date for their debut album. With the duo earlier this year mentioning that the lead single, Bulongo being the least hit track off the album, we can all stay anticipating how much of their creativity will be expressed in an entire album given that Bulongo was a dorminant song since its release late last year! “Zambia Izavina” is officially available on all streaming sites by the publication time of this article.

05. Embe – By T-Sean, Kekero & Kaladoshas (02/12/22)

Probably the first time we are having three artists collaborate on a single album in Zambia. T-Sean had announced this project way earlier this year and it seems the promise will finally be fufilled. The official tracklist was unveiled on the first of December, 2022 and fans are expecting nothing but fire from the trio.

06. Mark Of All Trades (MOAT) – By B-Mak (08/12/22)

Former XYZ rapper and now New Age Entertainment signed Mcee B-Mak will be giving out his debut album also this festive season. With New Age Entertainments Music CEO H-Mak breaking the news, fans are in anticipation to hear what one of the dopest rappers has to say in his album. MOAT will be released on the 8th of December, 2022.


  1. Chef 187 has already revealed that later in 2023 he will be giving out a new album titled “Broke No Lunkumbwa”.
  2. DJ Mzengaman will be on a quest to bring back the true hiphop culture with his album themed “Save HipHop”.
  3. Pompi will be releasing “Pole Pole” early next year.
  4. Female gospel artist Esther Chungu has an album on the way, supposedly to be titled “Occupy Everything”.

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