“I Randomly Make Calls To Other Bigger Artist Just To Find Out If They Know About Me…” Umusepela Crown

Private Label Death Raw Music multi talented artist Umusepela Crown was two days ago invited to sit down with Edna for the ZMB Talk interviews by Zambian Music Blog.
As part of the show, artists are asked about their journey through out their career, bringing out deepmost stories of their process from starting up until the moment they are right now. Umusepela Crown was happy to share his inspiration, dreams and prospects for the Zambian music culture as well as the challenges he has faced being around as a musician.

One important aspect he discussed was his relationship with controversial music friend, Umusepela Chile who has recently joined Headphones Music under contract. Mufasa explained that their relationship has not declined a bit due to the fact that Chile is no longer under Private Label Deathraw Music but instead emphasised that they are still working together on various projects and one evidence is the recently released “Breakfast Freestyle” on which Umusepela Chile shot and directed Umusepela Crown’s masterpiece.

Another interesting factor that ZMB’s Edna managed to bring out of Mufasa is how he manage to stay focus and find that motivation to keep going even when things dont really work out to initial plans. On the response, Umusepela Crown pointed out that he loves to dare himself beyond his capabilities. By trying out new things he can easily measure his potential and find a way to keep moving. One interesting gimmick he mentioned is how he randomly makes calls to other bigger artists, just to tell them who he is and study their response. If the called artist recognises him, well and good but if they dont it gives him homework to work extra hard with a vew of expanding his fanbase and reach. This statement was backed up by how he managed to get a slot in DJ Hector Gold‘s “Intro freestyle” alongside Chef 187. The song also is a special feature in the Numero Uno’s Bon Appetit Deluxe album which is out for sale on Mvesesani.com

For the Full interview, watch the clip below