Umusepela Crown Finally Reveals The Title & Artwork For His Upcoming Single

Umusepela Crown has hinted at giving his fans a thriller video for his next single

The artistic rapper has been sharing clues about giving fans something new after he released his “Covid 19 Warning” single.  Since Umusepela Crown is known to tell stories in his music, we can only assume the upcoming project is more thrilling than before, since all the hints points to the rapper putting out not only the audio, but some visuals as well. 

Umusepela Crown has released wonderful music with the concept of story telling, from the time he created “Mwilanjesha” until masterminding “The Heist“, fans have been left with nothing but anticipation for continuity for either projects. However, Umusepela Crown seems to have something else in mind, as his latest posts showcasing the title and artwork for his upcoming music potrays him as the “Joker” who might be after his money from “Uncle Joe”



Umusepela Crown has been on the rise, since the release of his mixtape “HipHop Is Not Dead” which was received with open hands by music lovers; ending up earning him some hefty cash. However, there had been some concerns by music analysts about him having a similar style with his “Musical Twin” Umusepela Chile. This has force both rapper to take different routes and perspectives in regards to the music that both artists put out, despite having the same goal of putting the Zambian hiphop industry on top. This has seen Umusepela Crown to do most of his music about street life, embrassing the gangster character and total representation of the untold stories of the ghetto, from love to crime, conspirancy and betrayal, as well as loyalty.