Umusepela Crown & Umusepela Chile Spends Christmas On The Streets Of Kitwe

While christmas comes as  a holiday, different people take different routes when it comes to how they spend the day. Most celebrities decide to spend the festive week with their family and take a complete rest before kicking off with a fresh year, but` it seems some decide to spend it wisely by being there for others in the time of need.

This year has seen two of the most influential new and upcoming artists Imisepela Shibili wander the streets of Kitwe as they decided to be there for street kides and vulnerable people right on Christams Day.
In a post shared by Umusepela Crown on his Social Media platforms, the Private Label Deathraw artist could be seen in different photos with his counterpert Umusepela Chile providing the little they had to the homeless kids of Kitwe streets, a move facilitated by the Jesus Is For All Nations (JIFAN) movement.

While the artists where not handling out typically wrapped christmas gifts, dressed in Father Christmas attires and riding reindeers, it was such a beautiful sight to see the smiles and looks of satisfaction from the receivers, who where definitely not expecting anything from well wishers especially on Christmas Day.

In regards to the gesture, below is what Umusepela Crown wrote on his Facebook Timeline:

In as much as my team and I are dedicated to satisfying you with good music, performances and awesome music videos, yesterday we decided to put it all on hold for our fellow brothers and sisters in the streets abakweba ati they don’t even know ngabalalya or awe. These guys lives a painful and hurtful life to an extent iyakweba ati balibafye na numb to certain feelings.
It brought non but joy to my team (#JIFAN #Association) seeing these guys smile and encouraging us to visit them more often.
Oh! And the most amazing thing happened yesterday, the guy in Yellow shirt was not with us in the first. What happened was; as we were giving out food. My brother Rhema saw from a distance how happy our kid brothers and sisters were then he was touched. He asked himself what he could do and God told him to approach us asking if he can help. I mean! Just my team hearing him ask was more fulfilling than ever. We gave him a “Go ahead” signal so thats how he went mu Pick n’ pay fago fago efyoabwela Na food to top up on whatever we had.
We were blessed to have a Christmas celebration in the streets of Kitwe with the family 😍😍
Let’s do it the King’s way 👑👑👑