Spaceship Music Accusses Nexus Music Entertainment Of Illegally Hunting Their Artists

Spaceship Music has accused Nexus Music Entertainment Ltd of illegally approaching artists signed under the Label with a view of signing them to their wing. The news was shared by Spaceship Music Co-Owner Beatrice Mwansa in a viral Social Media video shared on her Facebook timeline.

According to Beatrice Mwansa, Representatives from Nexus Music whose real identity she withheld came to Spaceship Music and entinced to Sign her artistes. This didn’t sit well with Spaceship Management and deemed it unprofessional and later decided to retaliate on them. Beatrice further threatened Nexus Music with legal action if they decided to sign any of her artistes without following legal procedure.

Nexus Music os one of the two leading Music Labels in Zambia, alongside Kalandanya Music Promotions and both Labels have recently been a a rampant competition of signing every trending artists. Nexus Music whix is being run by top-notch producer Killa Beats, is the home of Zambia’s leading artists including Chef 187, Cleo Ice Queen, Izrael, Nalu Chanda Na Kay as well as rising female rapper Xaven among other well established musicians.

On the other hand, the Ndola based music label Spaceship Music has created outstanding entertainers such as Chuzhe International, May C, Kofi Mix and Kopala Swag affiliated singer Coziem.

This article was first reported by ZedHypeMag, and you can watch the video below for more details.