Smaq Pens Down A “Letter to Mzenga” As He Seeks A Music Comeback | Watch It Now

Rapper Smaq has resurected with a brand new single where he features fast rising XYZ singer Jorzi to pen down a “Letter to Mzenga

After a long break from music, Smaq comes back with some heat, penning down why he believes it was his biggest mistake staying away from a lifestyle that makes him complete. While his music was surrounded by controversy and real time grudges with fellow artists, Umujumbuli was no doubt one of the fastest growing hiphop prospects in Zambia until the time he decided to just go silently away from the industry.

But unlike Smaq, Jorzi is quite new and uprising. He is currently riding on a speedy wave of popularity and the love from his fans is just second to none.

If you havent checked out this collaboration yet, watch the video below:

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