REVIEWS: Umusepela Crown VS Starjon “Shots On Shots” Rap Battle.

We take you step by step as we decipher the lyrics & metaphors shared in “Shots On ShotsKomboni Cypher, during a Rap battle between Umusepela Crown & Starjon.

Triump Media had last week given the listerners one of their all time favourite rap battles between two major street rap influencers Umusepela Crown & Starjon. Even though there is no bad blood between the twor Mcees, each one of them went an extra mile trying to take out the other, hence giving the rap fans an intriguing performance.

Here we have gathered some of the best punchlines we could come across from the cypher, and try to break them down in order to bring out the meaning of each wordplay. If you havent watched the rapbattle yet, check it out below.


Umusepela Crown started by acknowledging that his opponent can make well in music, but not just rap. He thinks Starjon can work in a band for “Kalindula” or folk music! However, Umusepela Crown starts to steal our attention as he makes thes bold rhymes and word play with former Cameroon Soccer player Samuel Et’oo. He further marries two livelihoods, as he pays honors to those wel to do “Mayadi” and those Ghetto survivors!

I make some sick, then some well (Samuel) Et’oo
Appearance nefyo ndelanda ni mayadi but uhmm brain ni ghetto

Another Impactiful & noticeable moment is when Umusepela Crown toys with his opponent, claiming Starjon is so whack that we really need to perform a ritual in order to give him some rap skills! Not only that, we experience Umusepela Crown’s use of wordplay as he do not directly Mention Starjon but simutaneously points at him while refering to him using his own slogan: “Ichoo”

Leteni virgin, inkoko ya white, akasalu salu ya red tupefome ritual
Ati pali chi whack rapper pano imwe chilikwisa? ichoo!

He straight away goes on to pinpoint that his opponent is finished, making reference to the Zambian High School syllabus, which he believes is as old fashioned as his opponent in a civilized & morden world:

Alipwa last, ali mu G12, tewama setting ali pa default
Naushalila twalichita evolve, anyway this is my fault

The final and probably the biggest shots in the verse comes at the end of the verse as Umusepela Crown brags about how he is in lead of the pack, while his opponent is nothing. He also hammers the final nail by making a big reference to soccer, with a wordplay towards Starjons father!

Am number one iwe zero zero zero together tulepanga thousand (1000)
Am outstanding teulechita ifi uyu ni stunting
Ndisha whistle (wiso) nga ref mu football pitch uye wipushe bondi nga tantina!


Starjon came through with enough confidence, obviously having gauged Umusepela Crown’s first verse and how it didnt do much damage on him. Even though he started with lines that only had everything to do with him boasting how good he is, he quickly stabbed his opponent with a jab about how his flow can easily give Umusepela Crown diarrheoa.

Ama bars nacilemba, chimochine na chilemba (beans)
They can make you poop, hiphop is my bubu

He then accelerates to point out the fact that He is not on the same level with Umusepela Crown, sharing the fact that he cost way more that his opponent that’s why Umusepela Crown had to pay handsomely to feature in this rap battle! He further hurts his challenger with  how he freestyles his way throughout the rap verse without having the struggle to join line, after line. Also notice how Starjon take a jab at JT5, whose real name is John Lunda!

Na feature nachilunda, wimbeshina ati Lunda (JT5)
Ine nshimba utwakulunda (joined), from time nali munda

He then trashes Umusepela Crown’s rap career by disapproving that he is not talented, while at the same time boasting that he has murdered every other rapper he has faced before:

Ndepaya ama rapper lyonse, kani nkalantaka?
Ati am also talented, atase kalitalanta aka?


After a somehow just an average verse from Umusepela Crown, the celebrated Mcee came back stronger in his second and final voyage. He brought out an A-Level wordplay and sophisicated metaphors, piercing the challenger in front of him with the most hurtful sentiments. 

Even though rappers are known to be players and womanizers, Umusepela Crown disclosed something awful about Starjon. 

Nda risiva (Receive) ama kisses each year
Ichi palapita four years, chali ikonkamo calculation ya reap year

Mufasa then decides to take aim at Starjon’s hometown, making fun how he thinks his fellow rapper is a “John Solye Ubwali”, a title given to unemployed youths who just waits at home for food from their mothers!

Uyu afuma kukapoto (pot) iseni tumulye ali ready (Red)
Nga 14th February,

Crown am a star (esther) nga first name yaba first lady

Uyu ni Starjon solye ubwali!

He then flaunts with a quick but impactiful wordplay, toying around with some nice rhymes and similes.

Nshambile noku rapper ndechitafye meditate
Shiny (rap) flow (floor) but ukuba maid teti
Mona heat ndechita radiate
Uyu mwaiche he is not ready yet!

Umusepela Crown then finally wraps up his verse with the biggest punchline of the entire rap battle as he plays with Starjon’s ego with a reference to his girlfriend, marrying the satatement with the Disneys cartoon the Lion King.

Balefwayafye ndebakumbwa
Nkalimo ndilupantila, balaba ati gelo wabo ni pumba
Ninebo timon echo nsangilwa pamulu wakwe lyonse ninebo balumba


Starjon brilliantly raps up the rap battle with excellence. He wants to prove a major point to Umusepela Crown that he too can toy around with wordplay by geniusly making a reference to celebrities Mumba Yachi, Wezi, Beyonce & Jay Z while claiming he is number one!!

Nangu teine mumba yachi, we are going seperate ways (wezi)
You are a loser, am a winner nga Inonge, you are lazy!
Mwana you are too (two) weak equal to 14 days
So beyonce or (goal)keeper, mpeni number one jearsey

He further stands on his point that he believes Umusepela Crown is Whack, and therefore there is no reason he should be given the credit. Actually, Starjon thinks Crown is on a champion at eating!

Niwe champion ku bwali, me am fire inshemenshi?
Ulefwaya nkupele juice wala, ninshi menshi!
Balikupela ishina banoko, ufwaye upange ishina nshi?

Starjon further states that Umusepela Crown’s music is as crap as his dressing!

Efyo wimba tafyapopoka ukutampila ukufwala

And as he wraps up his verse to mark the end of the rap battle, the “Peoples favourite rapper” scolds his challengers as being gay, thats why he cannot roll out with a kid as him.

Elo walibako gay, nshisangwa naka Ruth
Wilambelesha teine size yobe, fumapa ka youth!