WATCH: Rapper Crew Gee Nails The #MyDairy8Challenge

He is a rapper full of dreams and great ambitions. Having witnessed the hardships involved in a world full of small dreams and downfalls Crew Gee is now ready to write his own diary and tell his side of the story. So it was not a surprise when K-Army boss Killa Beats gave out the My Diary 8 beat+hook for young musicians to share their own stories Crew Gee ate it up hungrily.

His side of the story however dug deep such that it left the internet amazed asking for more saluting to the young talent’s creativity & uniqueness. Below is the video he shared on his timeline



Crew Gee is one of those underrated rappers whose amazing talent is slept on by bigger artists. However it seems his shine cannot be covered anymore and people are slowly starting to appreciate his talent. 

He has had his moments though, from recording his most loved hit song “Tafisa Pambale” which featured his childhood partner DJ Cent to making his most recent hit single “Zambia Ni Guy Saana” which had its decent amount of appreciation from music gurus… we can only wonder what next he is upto.

Below are few screenshots of how people reacted to his new viral video…