POEM: “I Kissed Tasila Lungu” By Danny Kaunda

The following poem is based on art and imagination. Everything portrayed in it is totally fiction and is not meant to Degrade the current FIRST CHILD, but rather show the appreciation of her natural beauty and admiration people have for her.



(By Danny K Kaunda )


Kissed Tasila Lungu so adorable a rose flower
Her eyes spoke romance every minute and hour
Her body perfectly adorned with gold
Beauty in words my mouth can’t afford
Oh my heart got me beating twice in a second
Realising I was on my way to beat a record
By chance or is it fortune?
We were dancing to a love tune

A sweet song sung by enrique
“I can be your hero”, I wispered in a voice so unique
She looked in my demanding eyes with emphasis
And i saw a love story unfording its genesis
Now every fellow was sincerely staring
But who was to care; I was born for this paring

Her bossom blessing my Chest
Giving my whole being a magical test
Straight to the point;
Love got us twisted on a joint
Her slender arms circled me with passion
Commanding my whole being to fall to a sensation!

“Do u mean what u are doing?” she asked.
“If its bitter stuff why would I be chewing?” I responded.
My heart shot to the stars but for gravity
I caught up with this astonishing affinity.

Before I could pronouce the three words-
This magnet attracted our heads
Our lips were reciprocating
And our hearts busy decorating
Love symbols in valetine colour
Butterflies dancing as I kissed my Tasila
“Boo boo” on the door – “wake up!” I was just dreaming
“No! I kissed Tasila Lungu” you would have heard me screaming!