Nez Long & Kronick Trade Shots On Twitter Over Chanda Na Kay

Nez Long had a twitter confrontation with aspiring English rapper Kronic The Diabolic.

The wrangle began when Zambezi Juice twitted a statement, supposedly issued by Kronick regarding the similarity between 408 Empire and the now trending kopala music duo Chanda Na Kay. The statement read:

“Lusaka rapper Kronick Tha Diabolical thinks there’s nothing to Chanda Na Kay because they’re just another copy of 408 Empire like Dope Boys and Zambians shouldn’t be as excited about them”

In reply to the the above statement, the “Van Damme” hit maker had some pretty advice as well as harsh predictions. 



Having been in the game for a while now, Nez Long must understand that jealousy has got no place among artists. The sudden rise to fame of Chanda Na Kay shouldn’t really bother another artist. Infact they are supposed to earn respect fo r finding the courage to keep people entertained especially these hard times of Covid 19 pandemic & lockdowns. He therefore passed on some concrete advice to Kronick, letting him know that regardless of the similarity in style among the 408 Empire, Dope Boys or Chanda Na Kay, all these music groups have succeeded and are confortable with each other, so it shouldnt bother another artist that they have similar styles.

However, the last part didnt sit well with Kronic. The English rapper believes Nez Long do have the licence to determine who will make it in the game or not. He also thinks nez Long only blew up because he has always been pushed by his fellow XYZ crew member and best friend Bobby East!!!