DJ Mzengaman’s 2020 End Of Year Cypher Closes Out To Be The Best Selling Single Of The Year

DJ Mzengaman‘s 2020 End Of Year Cypher is the best selling single record of 2020, according to the local online music store
The outspoken HipHop cypher waas only released a day before christmas but has already managed to find itself ontop of the charts due to its popularity and amazing artists featured their in. DJ Mzengaman’s yearly cyphers have officially become a custom among HipHop lovers, with the producer giving it a run for atleast seven years.
However earlier last year the Mbeats Generation producer announced that last year’s (2020) cypher was the final installment. Though Mzengaman had managed to bring out one of the best cyphers in his career, he is yet to fufil his promise of delivering a music video and a documentary for the same.

The 2020 End of year cypher was initially announced to be available by November but only to be released late in December and specifically for sale on DJ Mzengaman appealed to the music lovers to support his works by purchasing the single release before he could allow popular music blogs to share the audio for free downloads.
And it seems his intentions have come to fruition, as the local online store has on its charts listed the cypher as the best selling single project ahead of Gospel artists Microphone 7 and DMK. Check out the list from the link below