Muzo Alphonso’s Recent Interview Proves He Is In A League Of His Own…

TV Presenter Hellen Phiri sat down with Muzo aka Alphonso earlier this week to discuss his music career as well as clear out some air regarding the internet rumours that have been going viral in the past months.

This was however no ordinary interview. Having a discussion with Muzo means the presenter needs to be more prepared with not only questions to ask, but also dealing with the impact of answers that the astonishing rapper might give you.  Muzo’s cockiness is out of this world,, and most music fans are starting to compare him withAmerican most controversial rapper  Kanye West.

During the chat with Hellen, Muzo opened up about his use of drugs and alchohol, easily admitting to drinking heavily and smoking weed since he was young, as well as giving reasons to as to why he believes he can’t stop anytime soon. The Kasama Swag rapper also confirmed that the videos that have been emerging (and often trending) on Social Media are all true, but they do not affect him a bit because he does really care what other people think of him. 

The “Fisanga Abaume” hit maker also took time to reflect on his departure from Kopala Swag/Alpha Entertainments, sharing that he only left the Record Label because his contract expired and he did not intend to have it renewed.

Muzo might seem like an ordinary rapper that is just talented but it is his approach towards life and other common things that makes him very different. For example, Muzo Alphonso does not really pay attention to Social Media, claiming he is an ordinary human being that doesn’t care about fame others than just doing his music which he believes is his God given talent. In the way that he answers to questions, one can easily tell that Muzo does not really care about becoming the richest dude in the music industry but rather remain an ordinary person that can live a normal life without worrying too much about the picture that the Media can make of him. 

Regardless of what we may think of him, Muzo will always remain the fans favourite rapper because he will remain true to himself and the enviroment about him. The media may try to raise controversy about him but Muzo will come out and speak the truth about what it really is, calling a “spade a spade”

The rapper also confirmed working on a new album titled “Mafia Gang”

Watch the entire enterview with Hellen below: