Alpha Entertainments Issues Statement Regarding Muzo’s Album

Kopala Swag Music/Alpha Entertainments have been forced to issue a public statement regarding Muzo’s album “Ntenkwa Nemitundu Shibili

The controversy arose after Muzo spoke about the Record Label (Alpha Entertainments) still holding onto his album during an interview with Hellen Phiri. Muzo aka Alphonso indicated that he left the Label in good faith, after his contract officially expired and was not intending to have it renewed. However, Alpha Entertainments was not willing to release his album as a way to entice him to stay.

Even though the “Kwipaya No Konaula” hit maker emphasized that he has moved on and does not care about his album, the conspirancy moved eyebrows across the music fans and a Social Media petition to release the said album started trending online, specifically via Social Media.

The outcry has prompted Alpha Entertainments to release an Official Statement, desregarding Muzo’s claims and providing “proof” that the album in question was released in 2015. Pilato, Macky 2 and Chef 187 all shared this statement on their Facebook Pages in hopes to set the record straight and burry the ongoing curfew…

Below is what the statement quoted:




We would like to correct the impression that has been created that Kopala Swag and Alpha Entertainments are holding onto Muzo’s album. Contrary to statements and claims that we have continued to read and hear in some sections of the media, Alpha Entertainments did actually release Muzo’s album on the 18th December 2014. The album “NTEKWA NEMITUNDU SHIBILI” was released and we have in our possession the release forms confirming that fact. We are ready to share with our friend Muzo should he desire to see them. The initial copies of the album were printed and the artist got all the copies and discontinued the contract. The artist got the CDs and never came back to report what happened to the CDs he got, we the next thing we heard was his departure through social media. When we spoke to our brother about his leaving the label, he said he was going back to school and was putting his journey on hold.

We are challenging our brother Muzo to deny that he released his album under our label and he should go further to tell the public the titles of the songs on that unreleased album. We stand ready to help him locate the said unreleased album.

We would like to emphasize our commitment to support and promote young artists from anywhere in the country. We understand that it is not easy to do this but it is our belief that everyone deserves an opportunity.

Alpha Entertainments Management.