Lusaka July Organisers Issues Statement Amid Social Media Backlash

Following the Backlash from the Just ended Lusaka July 2022 event, event organisers Monde and Chishimba alias PR Girl Media have issued a statement. It is quite clear that the community was not impressed by some photos which surfaced on social media which portrayed homosexuality & indecent dressing from attendees.
However, PR Girl Media has dismissed such accusations with the official statement below:

“We have noted with displeasure that there are pictures circulating online that have been fabricated and exaggerated by critics of the popular event. Please note that all pictures from the event had been taken by accredited and official photographers for the event, and from our records, we have not received any photos of a homosexual nature as purported by online critics.
It is unfortunate that respectable people in our society such as Emmanuel Mwamba, Dr Nervous Mumba and other political figures are capitalising on the event and using this debacle as political espionage specifically to fight their political battle with the UPND government. It is disappointing that these officials are promoting propaganda and have chosen to ignore the value that the event holds in creating revenue for the entertainment and fashion industry in Zambia. Experienced diplomats such as Ambassadors Mwamba and Dr Mumba should be in a position to know better.
PR Girl Media introduced the Lusaka July event in 2016 as a fashion-polo event that brings lifestyle enthusiasts and business leaders in an afternoon of networking. Over the last 6 years, the event has garnered regional attention and recognition which has in turn created an opportunity for us to market Zambia’s social tourism. Our partnership with Zambia Tourism Agency was to specifically market this event as a tourist attraction on Zambia’s social calendar and not to promote gay rights or represent the LGBTQ community.
As a business and event promoter that operates in the entertainment industry, we are registered under the National Arts Council and we have always operated within the confines of the law and we will continue to adhere to the laws of Zambia in our future commercial activities. We urge the public to exercise patience and understanding as we share accurate video and photo footage of the event which is the true representation of our business and the Lusaka July event.”

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