King Dandy Slaps Back At Chellah Tukuta For Belittling Macky 2’s Effort To Perform In Australia

Dandy Crazy has shared his displeasure at the recent comments by Chellah Tukutah towards Macky 2 after it was  announced that Macky 2 & his team will be performing in Perth, Australia.
Earlier this week rapper Macky 2 shared great news about his upcoming international show alongside Yo Maps & Slap Dee, which is likely going to be held in Perth this coming July.

However, Social Media personality Chellah Tukuta took to his Facebook page to attack Macky 2, stating that his efforts are in vein as “Zambian Artists” are only known to perform to their countrymen in the diaspora rather than taking their music to residents on the international scene.

The remarks sparkled a huge social media backlash for the outspoken photographer, with several entertainers criticising the mentality to bring one another down.
The latest personality to speak against Chellah Tukuta is Dandy Crazy, who has articulated the efforts being put in by artists to take local music outside the country.

Watch the video below:

King Dandy went further to write a well articulated Facebook Post, calling for togetherness and self humility especially from people in positions that are well priviledged. He wrote:

” Chellah Tukuta my young brother “English is not a measure of intelligence”.
We have seen good and bad days on earth, learn to control what should come out of your mouth for public consumption.
You just have an opportunity to be a presidential photographer not that you’re the best. We have seen great young photographers who focus on their work and produce good quality pictures like Fern Media House and Luxury photography Zambia and others. So the fact that you have that opportunity treasure it and dont demean other professions like music, artists invest alot in music and it’s not simple like capturing a picture.
It’s the first time in the history of Zambia seeing a presidential photographer uwaisuka- isuka. We have seen great photographers work with different presidents but still humble like my brother Salim Henry and others. Respect your job otherwise you’ll become a threat to state security and they will drop you.
Cherish your position with gladness.
Ukuichefya kusuma mwaice wandi!🤝
Bashi Toto A.K.A Wawa Snr.
Enjoy the video and my position over your critic🤝”

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