“No Muzo Alphonso In My Diary 9” Producer Killa Beats Rules Out Possibility For The Rapper’s Special Appearance!

Muzo Alphonso has been ruled out of the upcoming My Diary 9 episode by Producer Killa Beats

KB who has shared interest in retiring from active music, is scheduled to release his final projects in the coming months with one of them being My Diary 9. While he has hinted at a full album to be his last shot, music fans haver been begging to hear Muzo aka Alphonso‘s story in one of the Diary releases. However, it seems most of the music lover’s dreams will be shuttered as the profound K-Army producer has ruled out the possibility of having the Kasama Swag headline maker in the song.

KB comfirmed the development when he shared the update to the outspoken song series, claiming the Chorus & first verse have been recorded already.

Chorus and 1 Verse for My Diary 9 done. Everyone has a unique story. So far so good And no, Muzo is not in this Diary 9.

Posted by Kb Killa Beats on Friday, October 16, 2020

The above post angered most of Zambian Music lovers, questioning KB’s integrity towards his fans. However Killa Beats was quick to exculpate himself while leaving a huge challenge to everybody questioning his reasoning.

My Diary 9 would seem to the last in the sequel, if KB stays true to his word about retiring. Unless he pulls out a surprise finale in the fourthcoming album “The Last Dance” which he claims is the final Musical project he will directly work on as an active Music Producer.

If so fans will always left in hunger for more verses from rappers like Tiye P who expressed interst in appearing in only the tenth Episode of the My Diary Journey. Whether he will make it in My Diary 9 is still a mystery as all the artists included in the special song remain a secret to the general public.

While its not to late to allow Muzo Alphonso to make his most yearned for appearance, there is also room to think this could be a promotional stunt by the outspoken Producer, having come to an agreement with Muzo as his Facebook Post suggests there is a huge chance for possibility.