KB Blasts Upcoming Artists For Lacking Communication Manners!

Being in the shoes of an Upocoming artist can be dificault. You have to do so much in order to get that breakthrough. Often upcoming music artists are sidelined, underrated and sometimes overcharged when it comes to getting services. For example, a producer can favour a bigger artist for studio time, then mercifuly find time to record the unknown guy later. The same applies to promoters, Radio DJs, fans, music blogs, and anywhere else. It’s so much trouble being an upcoming artist. As a result most new artists tend to push beyond their limits, doing anything they can in hope of getting their music to the right ear.

But what makes certain individuals to gain momentum as quick as possible, and start to mingle with the elite? What could be the real reason why a few artists are granted an audience by a promoter, or Radio DJ just on the first attempt to submit their work? Why are other arists enjoying free music uploads while others won’t? Well, producer Killa Beats shared some knowledge about the key factor that would grant any upcomer a listening ear and probably consideration from the guys that have already made it.

It is called COURTESY!

In his Facebook live video, K-Army producer addressing one annoying thing that upcoming artists do. They tend to acquire numbers of most already made musicians, radio presenters, promoters & everyone they may think of; then just send the music audios without introduction or description, hoping these already guys will just find time to listen, and then follow up to ask who that new upcoming is… Well, it doesnt work like that. Atleast we do not know anyone who have been successiful with that idea yet. The only response you can get is either being “left on seen” or being BLOCKED!

KB explained that it is not a crime to share your music with the “big guys”. All one ought to do is write a polite text, explaining who they are, how they got that persons contact, and why they feel he/she is the right person to listen/review their piece of art.

Listen to all of his statement below: 

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