“Ulichikali” Kay Figo Sends Praises To Umusepela Crown On Instagram!

Kay Figo has recently showered inspirational praises on Umusepela Crown after following him on Instagram. The singer expressed her admiration for the young & surging Copperbelt based artist, after Umusepela Crown was left in awe in regards to getting followed by Kay Figo.

Filled with excitement, the creative artist was eager to know why he was honoured with a huge gesture, to which kay replied with nothing but decent words.

Kay Figo's reply to Umusepela Crown via Instagram

Umusepela Crown is not new to getting praises or shoutouts from other artists. Due to his creative ability to produce sensible lyrics and scenarios out of trending issues, the Private Label DeathRaw Records artist has already received endorsements from artists such as Macky 2; as well as mentions in rap songs from Krytic in Exhibit K as well as Chuzhe International in the latest DJ Mzengaman New Wave Cypher.