Jemax’s Verse In My Diary 8 Comfirms Chile’s Line In “Snake Of Moses”

K-Army boss KB has finally released his eighth installment of the profound My Diary (Listen Here) and as usual its full of angry artists that are ready to express themselves by letting go of the heat kept inside for so long and let it just burn on the microphone.

This years Diary featured Kunkeyani Tha Jedi, Jemax, Nez long, Juvic, Scott & Natasha Chansa. All the artists delivered awesome verses and alot of stuff brought out in the open, concerning the Music Industry.

However, it was the Kopala Swag signed artist Jemax that seemed to have proved a line off Umusepela Chile‘s controversial song Snake Of Moses, which was released earlier this year. Listen to what Umusepela Chile had to say….


Umusepela Chile Raps:

“Family comes first good example ni Chef na Bugah (Macky 2)

Ifintu Basunka Towera tefintu basunka ababambi basunga

Same Na Dizzo umukalamba wakwe ena alitemwisha Nandi

Nandi aliba famous ukuchila ba XYZ aba bambi”


Wow!!! Chile believes Chef 187 & Macky II are doing more to support their upcoming sister Towera Kaira neglecting other Kopala Swag signrd artists in the process. 

When this song came out, alot of criticism was made towards Umusepela Chile to say he was just throwing shade, because people believe “other artists” are supposed to work harder and create a big scene for themselves. However, one hard working artist, Jemax has somehow come out in the open to express how he feel about being signed under a big Record Label. Check out his verse below…

“Kwalitalala pano, nangu bambi munkumbwa palitalala pano

Kwalibalala bamo,mukulwisha lwisha basuka balitalala bamo

Njenda Bare but abanandi bama presidential

Chalo chamayendele ndafutapo amesho…”


Jemax simply means its cold out there, despite upcoming artists admiring being signed to a bigger Record Label. He further points out that some other artists even lost way and their dreams died because they became lost. He also points out the reason why other artists left the Kopala Swag is because “someone slept on their talents”

This further approves what Umusepela Chile sang about, and we can only stay patient to find out what else is going to be exposed.

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